NOMA.NET 360 DEGREES. The long, painful and often brutal process of human civilisation has led us to create an apparently coherent narrative through which we attempt to explain our reason for being and existing in this world. This lengthy process, scraping its way through time, has taken us along a thousand uncharted roads, shallow furrows and folds in our mind, a fragile fortress guarding our hope for progress that has been opened up by sea, land and air, roads that we call the “routes of humanity”. Nevertheless, today we have ended up without a horizon, everything is just a click away, the world shrinks as our technology networks expand. The dangerous routes of old, are now like any other street. The Grand Global City had triumphed. The process of homogenization of the world is taking place, a process that is being carried out before our very eyes. The technology route, the Internet, the mobile telephone, is building a communications framework, a network that is becoming increasingly dense, that is tending to cover each and every part of the world and our very understanding of the routes and the journey itself; more mental than physical, it is introducing new paradigms, that slowly open up our understanding.Faced with this panorama -sustained by multiple cultural, political and economic realities- we began our journey with the aim of showing the everyday existence of the Great Global City, to open a window through which we can see and be seen. Our eyes reflect the gaze of all those who have no voice, a reflexive camera that undermines the configuration of the Globally Networked Society. Knowledge. Of the various cultural and economic realities across the world. Collaboration with the principal cultural, scientific and technological institutions and organisations throughout the world on the development of art-science-technology projects. As a result of the journeys made, thousands of photographs and hundreds of hours of video recordings are gathered: social realities, interviews etc. This material, once edited, will serve as the foundation of an exhibition in museums throughout the world.