HUMAN NOT WAR. Laughter and tears, like life and death, go hand in hand and are part of our everyday life. But war -violence- is a personal decision exercised with the objective of dominating the other. The desire to impose one´s own culture on everyone else has been a constant element among individuals and groups. This situation is constantly aggravated by the different degrees of control over technology and energy resources. The victims are always victims, and the tyrants are never innocent. Visitors won´t have a single point of view, they will have to make distinctions and position themselves, strip themselves of their own identities in order to encounter the others, the thousands of characters who come to life in the images that surround them. They can´t opt out. They will go on to form part of this History. 

Audiovisual installation: 12´30´´and digital photographs


CUERPO INARTE / BODY IN ART. Thought and action. The concepts on which humanity rests spin around us, impossible to pin down. No matter how much we try to resolve the puzzle of our existence, the transubstantiation of reality prevents the true nature of things appearing clearly before us. In spite of having penetrating and intertwined knowledge, the prevailing single mindset and aggressive defence of our positions have led us to construct a History full of inequality and injustice. Science and technology, in the service of art, allow us to imagine an INART BODY, arising from the fusion between the feminine and the masculine, which allows us to imagine alternatives to that which is given.

Do creation and destruction drive civilisation? Is it necessary to destroy in order to create?

Human beings have developed the technology, science and art that improve our quality of life, but also the tools that can provoke self-destruction. Wars are the maximum exponents of our ability to destroy, and there seems to be no end to this insane race [the news don’t offer much hope: the Middle East, Iraq, terrorism…] Wars have always been and still are a constant element throughout History. A Mirror in which we can see ourselves as we are, free of adornment, and reflect on our enormous capacity to degrade everything we touch. The history of the 20th century is lesson enough. We’ve caused the human body to become INERT.

If we are responsible for causing so much destruction, Science and Technology, in the service of Art, allow us to conceive of a being – an INART body – which emerges from the fusion of the masculine and feminine and offers new paradigms that allow us to imagine alternatives to war. Destroy to create? No, create to create more!

As artists, we don’t want to create purely stylistic or aesthetic works that place observers exclusively in the role of passive consumers [we don’t like the example offered by the war in former Yugoslavia: while a village was being bombed, the inhabitants watched the spectacle from bars and rooftops].

Installation: The installation CUERPO INARTE is a labyrinth made up of 10 or more screens, on which five short films are projected. All the films have a shared narrative thread: Laughter and tears, creation and destruction, and life and death go hand in hand and are part of our everyday life. Images of creation and destruction, life and death, are projected simultaneously. Visitors won’t have a single point of view. They must enter into the labyrinth, stripping themselves of their identity in order to encounter the other – in the others, in the thousands of characters who come to life in the images around them. They will be trapped, unable to opt out. They will go on to form part of this History.

Audiovisuals: 5 that 20’ each, projected on 12, 5 x 4 meter screens. Sculptures and infographics made using mixed media on photographic paper.

Venue: Espacio Cultural el Tanque. Location: Empty petrol tanker, 50 m in diameter, located in the heart of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.