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HUMAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Retrospection with evocation and intimate and reflexive recapitulation of the globalized universality, with amplitude and vastness in the transitory virtuality of multiple diversity with the generous commitment of the artificial poetic imagination as invention of the individual protagonist of this story, that has begun 15,000 million years ago. We are stardust, our track is the trace of identity.

We are between the Big Bang and the Big Crunch, expansion and contraction of the great cosmic body thar lodges us, projecting us, in a successive superposition of layers, to present. But, in spite of the transversal nature of knowledge and of the hypothesis we created to support our life in a universal context -part and all-, the trans-substantiation of reality impedes that the truth of things can raise before us clearly. Indeed, we need to feed ourselves voraciosly on whatever surrounds us in a bay attempt of calming the fragility of our being and the motivation of our acts, without being aware that the enormous amount of data we handle, synthesis of the human knowledge, are drops that fill our bodies with concept and materiality. We are stardust, our track is the identity trace. Who owns the human being, its imaginary and the universe that surrounds it? Just in case, HUMAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Installation: Inmmersive virtual reality and multiuser space. Go to project